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The Love the Hub fund was established on Easter Sunday 2020 in response to the abrupt arrival of the crises caused by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people lost jobs, many were temporarily without a paycheck while they were quarantined, and some were permanently without a paycheck when they needed to stay home with young children who no longer had school to go to each day.

In light of these needs, Love the Hub desires to respond to these crises with relief, rehab, and community development efforts. We hope to see whole-life change that leads to spiritual, physical, and economic flourishing for hard-hit individuals and families in the West Texas area.

Our mission

The mission we are working towards

To support families and individuals in the Hub City area who are experiencing a temporary crisis, through financial support and direct engagement.

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Our vision is to foster community development that empowers spiritual, physical, and economic flourishing for people and families in need in the West Texas area.

I'm passionate about helping others experience whole-life transformation, and learning and dreaming of ways to provide life-changing opportunities for those impacted by poverty.

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Josh Hurst
Executive Director

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