Real Help for Real People in West Texas

Supporting families and individuals in the Hub City area who are experiencing a temporary crisis, through financial support and direct engagement.

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About us

We are here to support vulnerable communities

So many of those we have assisted have been elderly or have children in the home. And all of the assistance has gone to those in the Hub City!

We Support Vulnerable Communities - Philanthropy Webflow Template
We Support Vulnerable Communities - Philanthropy Webflow Template
We Support Vulnerable Communities - Philanthropy Webflow Template

A recent Lubbock community assessment highlighted needs for low income families in the Lubbock area. The three greatest needs were:

Rent assistance
Utility assistance
Help with food
Our Results

Take a look at the big impact we have done

Liters of water
Houses built
Toys delivered
Schools built
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Our Results - Philanthropy Webflow Template
How we help?

What are we doing to assist our communities?

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House & shelter

Money orders for rent assistance to keep a roof over people’s heads


Direct utility payments to keep the house cooled and heated

Food & groceries

Gift cards to provide for groceries and personal hygiene items as needed

Love the Hub desires to respond to these crises with relief, rehab, and community development efforts.

Join us and let’s make way for whole-life change

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Amara Onai
Citizen of South Africa

See how we are making a difference

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